Building-up synergies within EU-research infrastructures: ACTRIS and EUROCHAMP 2020 – intercomparison of PTR-MS instruments within EUROCHAMP-2020

The SAGE department of IMT Lille Douai is taking part in the EUROCHAMP – 2020 intercomparison campaign for PTR-MS instruments at the HELIOS chamber (ICARE, Institut de Combustion Aérothermique Réactivité Environnement) in Orléans, France, from 13 to 23 of May. 14 research groups from 8 countries all across Europe, including two companies, are participating with 13 PTR-MS instruments, covering most of the different models available worldwide. The objective is to evaluate instruments performance under the same conditions, to build best practices and instrumental knowledge. The intercomparison includes several blind experiments.

Staff from SAGE: Evdokia STRATIGOU (Ph.D student), Denis KALININ (Master student), Sébastien DUSANTER (Assistant Professor), Thérèse SALAMEH (Research engineer, ACTRIS Topical Centre for reactive trace gases)

ACTRIS topical centre for reactive trace gases in situ measurements, IMT Lille Douai unit, has a substantial role in ensuring the objectivity of this intercomparison especially during the blind experiments, where Thérèse Salameh is acting as referee of the whole intercomparison: a very useful and interesting exercise of building-up synergies within EU-research infrastructures!