IMT Lille Douai

Contribution to the ANR BIOMASP+ project in a subtropical megacity (São Paulo)

The project is funded through an international call between ANR and the São Paulo State research foundation (FAPESP). Led by Dr. Agnès Borbon (LaMP-Clermont Ferrand) in France and the Brazilian partner Prof. Adalgiza Fornaro (IAG-USP-São Paulo), the project combines plants emission fluxes, atmospheric modelling and field experiments at two forested sites. One site is located within the São Paulo megacity (20 million people), within the University of Sao Paulo Campus, and the other on tower located 30km away from the city on a primary forest of Mata Atlantica.

BIOMASP+, running from 2021 to 2025, will quantify vegetation emissions and atmospheric composition in Sao Paulo to evaluate to what extent the interplay between biogenic and anthropogenic processes affect ozone and Particulate Matter (PM) under present and future climate conditions.

The CERI EE/SAGE team will participate in the intensive campaign studying atmospheric chemical composition and source identifications through the deployment of state-of-the-art instrument, including a PTRMS-CHARON. This type of instrument is designed to characterize semi-volatile organic species, a family of compounds though to be play a very important role on PM (particulate matter) loadings, specifically on such environments where biogenic and anthropogenic emissions mix in a hot and sunny subtropical environment. This project will bring a lot of innovative information applicable to better fighting air pollution on megacities throughout the world!