Investigating the impact of organic ageing of mineral dust on atmospheric oxidative capacity and climate

Within the framework of INVOC-dust project, the department of Atmospheric Science and  Environmental Engineering organizes a laboratory campaign using the CESAM atmospheric simulation chamber at LISA, Paris.

The objective of this campaign is to simulate the chemical ageing processes of mineral dust in the atmosphere, and to investigate the effects of ageing on atmospheric oxidative capacity and optical properties of dust particles. To conduct these studies, a wide variety of instrumentation coupled to chamber (AMS, SMPS, CPC, GRIMM, PTR-MS, CAPS for optical properties, O3 analyzer) are used to monitor and control the dispersion of mineral dust while simultaneously monitoring adsorbed and gas phase products in real time.



Researchers on action :

SAGE department: Manolis ROMANIAS (Assistant professor-project coordinator), Joel BRITTO (Assistant professor)

LISA: Mathieu CAZAUNAU and Edouard PANGUI (research engineers), Paola FORMENTI (research director), Jean-François DOUSSIN (Professor)

University of Alberta: Maya ABOU GHANEM (visiting PHD fellow)